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Psychotherapy with                                                                             Girls,  Adolescent Girls  and Young Women                               

Therapy with girls and adolescents is quite different from therapy with adults.  This is primarily because the ways in which they communicate is unlike that of adult communication.    

Play is a child's primary way of communicating.  In treatment with me, play therapy can include playing, drawing, building and fantasy play.   These are crucial in assisting the child to share their feelings and resolve conflicts.  In therapy with girls, it is paramount to decipher and understand their behaviors and actions, moods and attitudes as well as their verbal ideas. 

Adolescents communication can often be a combination of play, behavior and verbal expressions.

One of the most critical elements of child and adolescent therapy is the relationship between them and the therapist.  The child/adolescent must feel like they are being heard.  I work actively to create an empathic, safe and warm environment that is conducive to building a relationships.

I typically see girls and adolescent girls when they are feeling disconnected and powerless.  Because at these ages, they primarily experience their world through their families, I collaborate with families to enable the families to understand how they can more successfully understand and communicate with their daughters. 

When young women 18-30 are struggling adjusting to college or graduate school or when they are challenged post-graduation, I often begin my work with them. Past memories may impede everyday functioning.  Many experience excessive worry, anxiety or depression.

I have worked with children, adolescents and young women in a variety of settings since 1992.  I received a post graduate certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy from Boston University in 1996.

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